Warsaw, December 17, 2018

Last modification date: December 17, 2018

I. Personal Information Administrator

The group of companies ExpertMusic (hereinafter - ExpertMusic group) consists of the following companies:

- ExpertMusic LLC, address: 6/164 Lech Kaczyński St., Warsaw 00-571, Poland (Armii Ludowej 6/164, 00-571 Warszawa); registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs managed by the District Court for the city of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register (KRS): 0000502608, Tax ID number (NIP) 7010414161, registered capital of PLN 50 000,00 (tax resident in Poland);

- IndoorMedia LLC, established and operating in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, the date and number of the entry in the United State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations: 25.11.2008, 1 070 102 0000 035257; ID: 36258881; legal address: 16/13 Panas Mirny St., Pechersky district, Kyiv 01011, Ukraine (tax resident of Ukraine).

The companies of the ExpertMusic group are co-administrators of your personal data obtained on the websites of ExpertMusic:

(hereinafter - ExpertMusic service).

The ExpertMusic group has appointed a Data Protection Inspector to be the general point of contact for the processing of yourpersonal data.

Data Protection Inspector is Aleksey Matvienko.

You can contact him by e-mail: or in writing by sending him a letter to: ExpertMusic LLC, address: 6/164 Lech Kaczyński St., Warsaw 00-571, Poland (Armii Ludowej 6/164, 00-571 Warszawa).

The companies of the ExpertMusic group agreed that they are jointly and severally liable for fulfilling their obligations to you in protecting your information and providing you with the opportunity to exercise your rights. You can do it as follows.

II. Personal data processing

The ExpertMusic group processes your personal data including:

First and last name;

Postal address (street, house number / or house and apartment number, zip code and city);


Phone number;

Taxpayer Identification Number (INN);

Main State Registration Number (OGRN);

Name of the establishment;

Floor space;

Address of the establishment;

Additionally, via the service pseudonym, passport series and number, by whom and when issued, bank name and account number, Pay Pal account;

IP address;

Information from cookies;

Information about the browser (or another program, for example, which provides access to display ads);

Access time;

Page address;

Referrer (address of the previous page);

received through the ExpertMusic services, mainly by filling out forms, in order to:

provide access to all ExpertMusic services;

realize your application (request for contact) and submit to you our proposal based on your consent (RODO 6.1.a);

implement marketing communications, in particular, for the purpose of sending commercial information (including offers) from the ExpertMusic group or our business partners, which is the realization of the legitimate interest of the ExpertMusic group or our partners (RODO 6.1.f). We send such information on the basis of your consent to electronic and telephone communication;

fulfill the legal obligation under art. 33 and 34 RODO, RODO 6.1.c, if the application concerns the violation of the security of personal data.

Data provision is voluntary.

The data received for the execution of your application will be processed until you withdraw your consent to their processing. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, but this review does not affect the legality of processing information from the time we received your consent to the moment of its withdrawal.

We will process your data for marketing purposes until you object to such processing.

III. Your Rights

You have the right to access your data, correct them, as well as require to remove them, to limit processing, to object to their processing, including objection to processing for marketing purposes, as well as their transfer.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, but withdrawal of consent will not affect the legality of the processing that was carried out on the basis of your consent prior to its withdrawal.

To exercise the above rights, please contact the Customer Support Service of the ExpertMusic group by phone: +48 732 080 170 or in writing at the following address: ExpertMusic LLC, 6/164 Armii Ludowej St., Warsaw 00-571, Poland (Armii Ludowej 6/164, 00-571 Warszawa).

For the protection of your personal data, you can contact the Data Protection Inspector (hereinafter - DPI) by e-mail: or in writing by sending a letter to: ExpertMusic LLC, 6/164 Armii Ludowej St., Warsaw 00-571, Poland (Armii Ludowej 6/164, 00-571 Warszawa). DPI will also provide you with the main content of the arrangements between the co-administrators.

If you have doubts or objections regarding the processing of your personal data by the ExpertMusic group, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervision authority.

IV. Data recipients

The ExpertMusic group does not provide third parties with your data collected through all the ExpertMusic services, unless we get your consent to this, with the exception of the subcontractors (personal data processing organizations) that we can entrust your data with to ensure the maintenance of ExpertMusic services, and other recipients, that is, legal entities/individuals with whom we cooperate, combining products or services, customer service, marketing activities, sale of services.

Only if you agree, ExpertMusic group will be able to carry out marketing of third-party products or services for you, the current list of which can be found in the table at the bottom of the page. However, this consent does not give ExpertMusic group the right to transfer your personal data to third parties.

V. Data transfer outside the EEA

Considering that ExpertMusic пкщгз uses the services of other providers, your personal data can be transferred outside the European Economic Area under the relevant agreements for countries that, by decision of the European Commission, were recognized as providing an adequate degree of protection of personal data to the level of protection applicable in European Economic Area, or subject to the application of appropriate warranties, which may consist in the use of mandatory corporate rules, data protection standard adopted by the European Commission, data protection standard adopted by the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, or contractual clauses adopted by the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

VI. Security

In all ExpertMusic services, we have implemented solutions that provide a high level of protection for your data, including an SSL certificate and the IT system of ExpertMusic services that meet high standards of personal data protection.

VII. Cookies

When you browse our site, in accordance with the consent given and the browser settings, on the user's computer (end device), one or more cookies may be saved by us or a partner company (our subcontractor). Please read the information below on cookies and how to use them.

This service, like most Internet services, uses the technology of "cookies". Cookies are small files that are placed on the hard disk of your computer when you visit certain Internet sites. They contain information about your computer and, as a rule, do not contain any personal information. These files cannot be used to infect a device with viruses or other malware. Each individual cookie consists of 4 main parts:

WWW website name: the domain or subdomain name that set the cookie;

Cookie Name: a cookie has a unique name on the page that set it;

Validity: some cookies will expire when you close your browser (session cookies), other cookies will be automatically deleted only after the expiration date (permanent cookies);

Value: the information in the cookie, that the WWW website uses to "remember" the last visit.

In cookies, we store basic, anonymous information about users (for example, an identifier) and data that serve to improve the usability of the service, which are necessary to optimize and correctly display the content of Internet pages, as well as advertising campaigns.

This information is used for the following purposes:

Authentication of users logging into secure websites, allowing them to visit multiple pages without having to enter a username and password for each page;

Taking into account user preferences - viewing content and viewing format (the user does not need to set preferences every time he visits the site);

Tracking the pages visited by users, which allows to collect data that is useful for improvements presented in the content and navigation of the site.

We use the following categories of cookies on our websites:

Internal - set by our service for its proper functioning;

Identification - set by our service to identify the session and the user’s log in;

External - set by our partners, such as Google or Way2Traffic, for example, to analyze website traffic, research its sources, as well as actions performed by users, and carry out advertising campaigns.

Users of our service can at any time stop providing this information to our service by deleting cookies stored on their end devices by our service. To do this, change the settings of the current Internet browser:


Internet Explorer;




VIII. List of third parties

The list of third parties in the interests of which the ExpertMusic group carries out marketing activities on the basis of the consent given.

At the moment, there are no such persons.